How to Install Floor Tile

Despite the numerous types of flooring represented in the market, one is the most widely used one and is getting more and more popular with each year - it's tiled flooring. It can be found in contemporary bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms in the house. Earlier when people need to have this flooring installed they used to call a team of professionals to do the job. Nowadays, more and more homeowners prefer to do self-installation even though it is a somewhat new phenomenon. Laying down tile floors isn't an easy task to do. So, if you're not sure in your skills and knowledge it's recommended to leave this project to the specialists who will install it perfectly for you.

Nowadays a lot of customization is included into the art of laying tile floor, thus, there are several basic techniques on how to install floor tile. And it doesn't really matter whether you are laying stone, ceramic, porcelain, or any other tiling type in your home. No matter what material you will choose it will give your room a sense of durability and value. In addition to durability offered by the tile floor, it can also add some grace and style to any part of your house. Doing the installation process on your own you can also save some money which can give you an opportunity of choosing a more expensive and high-rate type of tile. But the saved money won't help you much if you have no knowledge how to install floor tile correctly.

The way you install your floor tile should be determined by the type of surface in the room you're going to deal with. The kind of tile you're using should be also taken into consideration. There are numerous brands and types of flooring in the market, and each manufacturer offers its own recommendations on laying that specific tile type. Ensure to have the right tools and the necessary knowledge to take care of this do-it-yourself project. Consider also getting some help from your relative or friend.

There are different tools which you will need when laying down the tiles, but the list of the most important ones of them is as follows: the tile itself, tile cutters, safety goggles, tile nippers, hammer, razor knife, gloves, level, felt-tipped pen, tile backer board, tape measure, and caulk.

Well, the first thing you will have to do before starting the project itself is check out the floor base you are going to work with. It should be sturdy and completely level for high quality tile installation. If the wood floor base is far from even, you will have to replace it before installing the tile. If you ignore this recommendation, you can face even more severe problems on your way to getting nice floor. And even if it leeks attractive at first, it won't last long. As a result, you will only waste your money.

The second step for you to take is to lay a tile backer board on which your tile flooring will be laid for it not to touching your base wood floor directly. When you've complete this, decide on the size of the tiles you want to install. After you've made up your mind, start laying them one by one. Each time make sure that you leave enough space for grout between tiles. If you wish to install the tiles of some unusual sizes and shapes use the necessary tools. After you have laid out the tiles, the grout has to be applied. Allow your floor to sit for some seven days. Then, you can seal the grout and enjoy walking on the tile flooring you've installed on your own. If you've done this project in several rooms of your home, you can even write an article on how to install floor tile.